Rottweiler female training

Hi, Andreas, I decided on the way home from our lesson this week that watching you train a dog is like watching Roger Federer play a tennis match. You are at the top; you are efficient, you have great coordination and intuition, you react so well to unforeseen situations, you understand the right psychology to use, you have perfect confidence. It was really wonderful to watch you with Douce. We,… continue reading

German Shepherd puppy from Zauberberg

Hi Andreas, attached is a better copy of the picture of me and Cheech. He has been a great addition to the family. He is terrific and I am really happy to have him. I get compliments on him all the time. People tell me he is a beautiful German Shepherd. I am looking forward to more advanced training with him. I can tell he works out problems and likes… continue reading

Udela German Shepherd female Service dog

Hi Andreas, Udela is doing great. I am very, very pleased with her. She is getting better with the cats and although she wears the collar, I rarely use anything but the reward tone. She is very well behaved in the house and follows me around all day. I am amazed at how well she camps out in one location without getting bored and looking for mischief. Although she seems… continue reading

Otis vom Zauberberg

I couldn’t be more pleased with Otis. At two years, he showing his breeding in drive, intelligence, aggression and trainability. Besides, he is simply gorgeous. In the pic, he is on his throne, but doesn’t get on that chair anymore because he is too big. Aside from “his” chair, Otis is an off-the-furniture dog.

Heiko vom Zauberberg

Hi Andreas! Sorry it has taken so long to get a picture, but here is a pretty good one. Basic obedience with Heiko is going well and I am working with a trainer that is teaching me how to teach him how to track footprints. He has a great nose.

Sean W

Hey Andreas! I am sorry for the delay in contacting you and giving you an update on Bella. She is doing awesome and is a great dog! She has learned how to sit, walk great on the leash, is completely potty trained and plays fetch like a pro. Her character is funny and playful and she has been just great to everybody and I swear she understands everything you say… continue reading