Service dog Iris vom Zauberberg

At the age of twelve months Linden purchased Iris vom Zauberberg as a service dog prospect. Iris was obedience trained at that time. Linden, we like how you stay in touch with us about Iris’ developements. Linden wrote:

An update on how Iris is getting along. I’ve starting back to work part time and Iris went with me today in her red Service Dog in Training (SDiT) vest. She was very curious going inside the building, but she settled quickly in a sit while we waited for a private elevator. We’ve done minimal elevator work, so she was a little unsteady going up to the 5th floor, but she recovered immediately.

I have obtained a collapsible crate to put in my cubical and Iris stayed in it during my short shift. Absolutely silent, and most of the time sleeping. This despite the fact that she is full of energy because she hasn’t had a good run since she was spayed last Tuesday! Impressive. She isn’t ready to go down a long flight of steps yet–we’ll work on one day after work–so we took the elevator down. She was more comfortable that time.

One slip that she made was to touch her nose to someone’s hand who was walking the opposite direction in a sort of narrow hallway. We’ll work on that, too. All in all, a very successful day as my SDiT.

Iris has completed blowing her coat, thank goodness! If I had lost the amount of hair that she lost in just one day, I would be bald.

One thing I have been so very pleased about Iris is her excellent good nature toward children, especially the little ones. I don’t go out of my way to have her meet up with toddlers and small children, but they seem to love her and sometimes come running when I do not expect it. Iris and I have made progress together and will soon be participating in group obedience classes as well as private lessons with a private trainer.

I could not be happier with her, Linda. She has expanded my life.

Very best, Linden and Iris