Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale Xira

trained German Shepherd Puppy New Jersey

SOLD! This trained German Shepherd female puppy has outstanding Black Color with little Tan Markings. Very strongly pigmented. Her body structure is very harmonious and well proportioned. Her temperament is ideal for a family household. Well socialized, very open with every person and new situation. Very eager and alert. working for food and attention is her favorite thing to do. When you look in her face, you easily detect how… continue reading

How to train a dog

How to train a dog This article is intending to give a very basic explanation on how dogs learn. Introducing the most effective laws of learning that should be commonly used when training a dog. It is not a dog training guide that explains how to actually train certain behaviors. Everybody always asks me “what kind of method do you use to train a dog”? There isn’t any “method” per say!… continue reading

Sucessful Dog Training

Sucessful Dog Training Dear James and Vicky D. Thanks so much for reaching out to us again after such a long time! Hope you don’t mind me posting this message here on our website. I really apreciate your effort to send us some kind words of recognition. Hi Andreas, It was 5 years ago, that we brought Shadow to your doorstep. It was our hope that you could give her… continue reading

My history in Training and Breeding German Shepherds

My history in Training and Breeding German Shepherds   When I was a little kid, I always wanted an animal. As small as a hamster, guinee pig….or even a bird. My parents never allowed me to, as they thought that they would be stuck with the care for the pet, and I would not care for it as much as I should. When I was about 13 years old, my… continue reading

German Shepherd in New Mexico Curt vom Zauberberg

Trained German Shepherd sold

German Shepherd in New Mexico Curt vom Zauberberg with his owners just sent us an update! Hey Andreas it’s been a busy month or two so I haven’t been able to sit down and email. But Curt is doing wonderfully I thought I would send you some pictures in a couple of emails to give you an update. We love our boy he’s amazing. So funny too he has the most… continue reading

German Shepherd puppy Vito Volker vom Zauberberg

German Shepherd puppy Vito Volker vom Zauberberg Vito Volker was picked up and is very happy in his new home with his new “Mom” Here is what Veronica wrote: The best of the best happened to me this year is my puppy boy.  You breed them in such a great environment that the transition was smooth for Vito Volker. He already wants to eat cannoli filling(home made) but sorry puppy not… continue reading

Real Protection Dog Training

Real Protection Dog Training at ZBB K9 Team This Protection dog Video shows Kirby vom Zauberberg performing real protection dog training! He is identifying something suspicious being present during our walk. Then I make a hissing sound which has been established as a cue that this situation is “not friendly”. He then turns his attitude, switching to aggressive mode, and pushes the threat away. Kirby is naturally very social and… continue reading

German Shepherd breeders desk

German Shepherd breeders desk You always wonder what a serious German Shepherd Breeders desk looks like? Here is your answer: Rather than wearing a suit and sitting at the clean desk, he sits at a busy desk, wearing doggy cloths, with a puppy in his lap. Very rarely will you see him without a dog strapped to his hip, living his passion and love for what he is doing! Being… continue reading

Ryker trained German Shepherd Puppy

trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Ryker trained German Shepherd Puppy This trained German Shepherd Puppy Ryker vom Zauberberg has just been moved into our Puppy Kindergarten Training Program. This Program is designed to give the new owner a great head start in obedience training and house breaking. Updated Pictures at the bottom of this page! Please feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel here! To reserve this trained German Shepherd Male for you right… continue reading