Private Dog Training Lessons

The reasons why and benefits of taking private dog training classes:
Obedience Pet Dog Training at Zauberberg Kennels offers well designed Obedience Pet Dog Training Programs, that are based by many years of experience to successfully provide well trained dogs and fulfill our clients’ needs. You will have an absolutely well trained dog, by using our dog training methods that are based on psychology and laws of learning.
Our mission is to make YOU be a dog owner that understands how your dog communicates. This enables our students to maintain the training level of their dogs very easily.
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We provide Obedience Pet Dog Training in Tucson Arizona for all breeds of dogs. Our specialty in the field of obedience pet dog training :

Individually scheduled pet dog obedience training lessons and / or dog behavior modification

Your pet dog obedience training sessions are individually scheduled between you and the trainer at either our facility, a public location or in your home. Cancelling a scheduled dog training session one hour prior to the appointment, will NOT make you loose the session. It will just be rescheduled. We do NOT offer group classes as they are non effective. It is you, your dog and the trainer. Our intention is to teach YOU what to do, why to do-and when to do it!

The sessions purchased within a package are valid for life time of the dog. Each individual session is designed to teach you how to train your dog to perform one particular obedience behavior at a time. You will be introduced to the technique of dog training that fits your dog to learn the quickest with most reliable results. During each dog training session, you will learn and practice, under supervision of the trainer, how to apply/ execute the techniques suggested.

Duration of session approximately 45 minutes-Sessions are conducted a our location Tucson NW-or SW side.

Single Private Session : $95.00
Five Private Session package : $425.00 (all services to be paid in advance)
Ten Private Session package : $750.00 (all services to be paid in advance)

Please note that we offer to take one private lesson at $95.00, if you decide to buy a package afterwards, the amount is applied to your purchase and one session will be taken out of the package!
The first lesson is the most important! You will learn how to communicate with your dog properly in general! From there on forward, training will be easy!

Training Sessions at your home are available. Your situation will be thoroughly evaluated and problem solving applied and explained. Duration 2 hour maximum.
Price $250.00

See the first private dog training class: