Dog Training in Tucson Arizona

Are you looking for a Dog Trainer in Tucson Arizona?

Real professionals that can proof to you upfront, through endless video recordings, that they have successfully trained all breeds of dogs from Beagle, Chihuahua, German Shorthair, American Bulldog, Doberman, German Shepherd,  all the way to Cane Corso- at all ages and sizes.

All Breed Dog Training in Tucson Arizona will enable you to control your dog’s behaviors reliably in any situation.
It is our responsibility as dog owners to have our dog trained not to bother or harm other people or animals!
Let us help you to take charge over your dog’s behaviors, so you can give your dog the freedom he deserves by roaming freely- but have control over him.

Our training philosophy-Based on scientific laws of learning!

What training method do you use?
When this question is posed, commonly everybody tends to interpret a “training method” as to being positive or negative-we don’t.
A real training method can only be based on scientifically proven laws of learning. All creatures on earth learn the same way. Behaviors are strengthened by their consequences. Simply said, if a behavior results in great consequences- it will be performed more often. A behavior has no- or even unpleasant consequences- it will more likely not be repeated.
Trainers are the best, once they can apply the laws and execute a way of having the animal understand precisely.
Over decades, Dog Trainers at ZBB K9 Team have developed master skills of communicating with dogs of all breeds.

Here is the difference between ZBB K9 Team and other dog training schools:
The system is based on a “learning phase” in which the dog is shown which behaviors are worth while doing, and the training phase in which the dog has to make the right choices in order to manipulate consequences to his advantage.
Pure positive reinforcement alone, can never ever lead to reliable performance. A method that combines negative and positive will lead the path to reliable responses.

Your dog needs to perform a reliable recall, a sit, sit stay, down, down stay and heel, no matter what the distraction? Then these programs are for you. If you are curious to understand completely how your dog is functioning and how he communicates- book your first single session to get started.
You should not depend on any trainer that tells you now do this, now do that. We teach the understanding and skill of what- when-why to our students. Then YOU will be a trainer!

Dog Training in Tucson Arizona



What we will promise you about Our Dog Training in Tucson Arizona!

After your dog is returned to you and you have gone through the lessons included in our Dog Training in Tucson Arizona package, we promise your dog will listen at all times, because we will teach you how to make behaviors happen- no matter where you are with your dog.
Take advantage of the Dog Training we offer at our facilities in Tucson – Arizona.

Dog Training programs in Tucson Arizona 

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