Zauberberg Review Trained German Shepherd Coming Home

Thank you so much Dawn for writing a Zauberberg Review Trained German Shepherd Coming Home. We always appreciate the effort of new owners writing a few lines about their experience with Zauberberg K9 Kennels.

Hi Andreas,

It was a big decision to add another dog to our family and we didn’t have time to do the training. Our son is thrilled and so are we with your training of our new dog Elton. He is a loving and well behaved dog. He’s only 1 years old and has great energy but responds so well to our newly learned commands. The transition has gone smoothly. Your training methods make so much sense! Learning the commands was easy with your instruction and online videos. It’s great to have the follow up time with you to hone our skills and learn how to avoid the development of undesirable behaviors instead of undoing them once they have happened. You have been very patient, given great advice and answered our questions expertly whenever we call.
Thank you so much,
Dawn, George and Jack