When should I start training my puppy

Start training your puppy as young as possible!

Here is why:
A puppy at young age has a pronounced desire to be with you. That being said, he is a sponge for information. He just has been separated from his litter mates, and you are the only one he is now seeking company from. As he gets older he will develop other interests. This is truly the  best time to form a relationship with him. A positive relationship is a necessary foundation for any kind of training. Be aware to choose positive training methods. New puppy owners easily fall into the trap of saying “NO” much more than “YES? Be a YES sayer and establish a positive relationship.
Another reason to start training very early, is that the older the puppy gets without being trained, the more undesired behaviors will have a chance to develop. These behaviors then need to be retrained.
We like to compare this with the hard drive on a computer:
You have the brand new machine fresh out of the box. You put software on it, the machine remembers from know on everything you will ever do. Even if you delete things….they will still remain on the hard drive to be found.
It is a huge advantage to start the puppy’s hard drive early and methodically correct and avoid to put things on his hard drive that could later be difficult to undo.