Review Zauberberg Kennels puppy Carl

Michael R. had the first contact with us about 8 years ago. Soon there after, we developed a strong friendship.

Here is what Michael sent us in reference to his latest Zauberberg dog Carl vom Zauberberg:

So here I am 8 years ago, surfing the internet, looking for a german
shepherd puppy. After some deep searching I found EVERYONE. As an
Executive at a Private Investigations firm, there was no way I was going
to get scammed. I sought out the Phoenix Schutzhund Club, Arizona
Schutzhund Club, Scottsdale Working Dog Club, and I meet with everyone
that was anyone in the WHOS-WHO of the German Shepard world. Finally after
many months I bought a dog from Andreas and Linda and there young son
Daniel. FOUR HOURS vs. FORTY FIVE MINUTS, this was my conundrum, where was
my time actually training well spent. I decided and committed to training
with to become a training helper from my dog mentor Andreas Mueller.
Together we created Jago com Zauberberg, whom is now a contributor to his
breeding program. After a while time drifted us apart and my family grew
and I was without a dog-that-can-do-it-all for a while. I had a most
unfortunate problem develop, a trespasser and an assault was involved; we
needed to revisit the K9 as a pet, a companion, and a protector. Jago is
old now, but he produced, and he produced an amazing new dog for our
family and I can thank the, now a young man, Daniel for his now expert
methodology of raising a good puppy and young dog that I can trust to not
only be our best friend but our adversaries worst enemy. See you at the
training field!