Real Zauberberg Kennels Review

Real Zauberberg Kennels Review!

This update about Whistle vom Zauberberg just reached us a couple days ago!

Dear Kristen, thanks for sending it, we appreciate updates, especially with pictures.
We love to see how our puppies develop, in order to make an effective plan for future matings!

Andreas –
We wanted to say thank you!
It’s been one year now since we picked up our puppy formerly Whistle (of Tito & Mira litter)
She has grown into a beautiful dog, extremely well tempered and easily trainable. She loves to learn and seeks to please! She is calm when necessary but also loves to burn off that energy!
She is gentle & fantastic with our 4 young kids (though often clumsy & unaware of her large size – she is a big girl at 70lb!)
She has been a wonderful family dog for us and we wanted to say thank you!!
I attached a few recent pictures!
The Thompsons