Real Zauberberg K9 Reviews trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Proud to show off the latest real Zauberberg Reviews after Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale went to his new home. Johann vom Zauberberg keeping Damion company while he is driving commercially across the USA!

Hi Andreas!

Katrina here. Damion just reminded me of the review I was supposed to write. Sorry it took so long! Here it is:

—–We commissioned a German shepherd puppy from Andreas in late December. We had an interesting situation: my husband had just quit his conventional warehouse job and started a new on-the-road trucking career. As anyone who has ever researched OTR trucking knows, the career is lucrative—but its disadvantage is in the time it takes to set up financial security; we went a couple of months with the barest minimum of paychecks while my husband was in training.
Trained German Shepherd Puppy company driving truck all over the countryWith me recently graduated from college not yet employed, money was tight. However, we really wanted a German shepherd, and we knew our future finances could afford it, so we set up an appointment with Andreas.
Our needs for a dog were simple. Being diagnosed with depression and working a solitary job aren’t exactly compatible, so we needed a companion pet who could keep Damion company on the road, and eventually become either a service dog or a protection dog.  Additionally, a big dog means frequent exercise, which is a critical part of Depression-management. This is why we chose to immediately purchase Johann instead of delaying the decision. We needed Johann to be friendly and well behaved, already trained in the basics so that he could fit right into a trucking life without any extra effort on our part. So, we chose to pay for both puppy and training.
We explained our situation to Andreas, who was more than willing to help us out. We wanted a German shepherd specifically because of the breed’s reputation for obedience and loyalty, and because Damion had personally experienced trained military K-9s from his time in the service. We had done our research. We initially chose Andreas because of his high reviews, but we finalized our decision after meeting with him.
Andreas is a friendly and funny guy, and very honest. These are good qualities in themselves, but what ultimately made us choose him as our breeder was his professionalism and knowledge related to his field. Talking to him for just five minutes proved that he is clearly passionate about remaining up to date on the latest training research—and, obviously, the dogs themselves. When you go in to talk to him, he tells you everything about the process: not just the “how,” but the “why.” He explains it so easily, even I, a cat person, could understand it right away. These talking sessions really helped me to understand how dogs’ minds function, and how to work with it. The explanations were invaluable in helping me to connect with Johann in a way I have never connected with a dog before.
The payments for the dog and training were separate. We immediately paid the $2000 for Johann up front and made an approximate date with Andreas to pick out our puppy and another to begin and pay for his training. Of course, this didn’t go to plan. Damion’s job training was extended and, as a result, our paychecks were small. We didn’t have the money by the payment due date. We explained the situation to Andreas and pushed it back a bit, but the same thing happened again: trucking, like I said, is very “up in the air” financially in the very beginning.
Andreas was patient with us, even though at times it may have seemed that we were just being irresponsible. He started Johann’s training immediately, and then, when Damion’s visit to Tucson to pick him up kept getting delayed, Andreas kept Johann and continued to train him, well beyond our agreed stopping point. He exceeded expectations with Johann’s training: his mastery of the commands was almost absolute—something that probably would have / should have cost a lot of extra money. Andreas didn’t charge us anything extra. He knew our situation and continued to work with us anyway.
I think this says something, not only about his business, but also about the type of person Andreas is. It would have been extremely easy to just write us off as another young financially-unstable couple who dreamed bigger than our paycheck, but he chose instead to trust us and our judgment. He knew we needed a very specific type of dog for our situation, and he provided him to us, even with our seemingly-sketchy situation.
Johann is large, agile and intelligent. His marking are beautiful, and his coat is soft and shiny. He is a perfect example of everything a German shepherd should be, a result of superior breeding. Topped with his understanding of all (not some!) of the fundamentals, Johann is more than what we were looking for.
We weren’t the perfect customers, but Andreas was the perfect breeder and trainer for our dog and we both 100% recommend him to anyone who is searching for a quality dog and/or quality training. We are both so pleased with Johann, and can’t imagine getting this level of quality in a dog from someone else. Thanks, Andreas!


Freundliche Grüße,

Katrina Davis

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