Protection Dog Video Gallery

Welcome to ZBB K9 Team Protection Dog Video Gallery.

All dogs trained by ZBB K9 Team either sold, or trained for our clients.

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Police dog in action at a high school paring lot at night. Officer gets attacked and releases the K9 with the remote door popper. Suspect is wearing a hidden bite sleeve, that gives a very realistic image of a “real bite”. This K9 has been trained by us to be a patrol/ narcotic detection K9.

A male German Shepherd at 13 months old, trained as personal protection dog. This dog has been bred by Zauberberg Kennels. Up to this point, the dog has never taken an actual bite. Zauberberg K9 takes pride in training dogs for protection that are NOT equipment oriented. Therefore chances for them to fail in real life situations are very slim! See his complete profile here

After numerous sessions being challenged through mental threats, the dog is finally starting to realize how to better her situation by being active against the aggressor! Super helper work required as it is very important not to ignore any orientation toward the threat. A lot of times, decoys ask for too much and ignore when the dog even looks at them! But looking at the threat is the very beginning. Without the start- nothing will be build. Here she is not trying to void at all and actively manipulates the situation to her advantage. Her body posture all together after her activity pushes the threat out of the picture, is the one of a confident winner.

Real Protection dog training at Zauberberg. As always real life situation. The bad guy sitting in the bushes- the dog seriously protecting. Otherwise very social, after the trainer makes the hissing sound that has been established as a cue for a “bad situation” the protection dog lights up!
No coming closer for the “bad guy” without getting bit.


A challenging dog to train for protection. In the very beginning, he was not even interested in watching another dog close up doing the “exciting job”.