Trained German Shepherd for sale Sven Vom Zauberberg

German Shepherd sable male for sale in Tuccson

Sven vom Zauberberg trained German Shepherd for sale

Sven vom Zauberberg trained German Shepherd for saleSven vom Zauberberg is a very young German Shepherd Male for sale in Tucson. Sven was already a large German Shepherd sable puppy when he was born. He already had a black stripe on his back, showing us what color he will end up being when he is grown older. Now at 12 months of age, he has developed into a massive dog, unbelievable head size, with high energy, great work ability and protectiveness. His high drive for the ball and his intense training with positive reinforcement has prepared him to be a well rounded, actively obedient dog. The more serious side of training has been introduced, and has been taken very well. Making positive and negatives being part of training, makes performance very reliable! His appearance alone is a great deterrent against threats. Sven is house- and advanced obedience trained. He can easily be further trained as a great protection dog.

Sven trained Protection dog sold in LVName: Sven vom Zauberberg
Date of Birth: 08-06-2014
Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg
Dam: Mira vom Zauberberg
Microchipped: Yes
Unlimited AKC Registration: Yes
Obedience commands: German
Availability: Not for sale

This one year old male shows training in perfect balance of being actively in drive for reward. At the same time he is pressed to show the right responses. He shows being clearly separated from the reward waiting for the signal to be allowed to reengage. Feeling comfortable sharing the reward with his trainer, being in total trust and understanding.

The dog has been introduced to the use of a “training stick” as this tool allows to induce behaviors, especially correct position, without the trainer having to change his body posture. The stick makes an extended hand. The use of the training stick definitely needs to be prepared wisely before usage. The dog has been accustomed to even be petted with it. The dog is under excellent control between staying in behavior and being released. His responses are very willingly and enthusiastic showing balance between the effects of using the electric collar and the positive reinforcement with the ball.

Being turned into drive to protect, and then being turned off is a major feature that protection dogs have to be trained for.
During the introduction to control, it is easier to have the suspect out of sight. Sequence is: command to turn on, suspect appears- thus the dog is conditioned through this sequence of events that he has to be alert when hearing the signal from the trainer. Suspect disappears- control is much easier to be trained. Next step will be to obtain control when the suspect is in sight of course!

Being in a new place, not knowing what is going to happen, Sven gets a pretty good idea that there is a threat coming after he hears the noise of the bathroom door opening. He defends very quickly and to say the least very convincingly.

Feeding time, when the dog is in high drive to eat, is excellent to train the release command. The dog has to sit, look at the trainer until he is released with the word we want him to understand as “you can engage in the reward now”. In this video the dog is trying to lay down as the trainer moves downwards to place the dish. The process stops. As soon as the dog does the right behavior (sitting) the process of placing the dish continues. The dog has to look at the trainer in order to make him give the release command before he engages in the reward. Thus the dog feels like he is pushing the release button by concentrating on the trainer instead of the target.

Sven recognizes very early during the walk that something is “not right” and gives an alert. He shows very intense aggression toward the threat, and actively pushes the suspect away. First time introducing some obedience behavior (Platz) into the aggression work. Preparing the on and off switch

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