Porsche vom Zauberberg Black and Red German Shepherd Female NOT for sale

Zauberberg Kennels is proud to announce that the outcome of the P-Litter vom Zauberberg has been so uniformed in structure, pigment and temperament that we decided to keep Porsche vom Zauberberg, one of the female puppies and raise her to be utilized in future breedings.
This has been Yeti’s very first Litter after we purchased him in January 2017!
The structure, size, color and temperament he has produced in combination with our Ornella vom Zauberberg has impressed us endlessly!
Not to mention the pedigree of the P- Litter being a “pile-up” of Top Dogs with West German Bloodlines that are some times hard to have access to.

If you wish to be the proud owner of one of her brothers
Text or call 520-419-2199 or email info@zauberberg.com and start the process now!


Please note that we do ship our Working Line and Show Line German Shepherds and German Shepherd Puppies safely via Petsafe Desk at United Airlines to virtually anywhere in the country  including: Alabama: AL Alaska: AK, Arizona: AZ, Arkansas: AR, California: CA, Colorado: CO, Connecticut: CT, Delaware: DE, Florida: FL, Georgia: GA, Hawaii: HI, Idaho: ID, Illinois: IL, Indiana: IN, Iowa: IA, Kansas: KS, Kentucky: KY, Louisiana: LA, Maine: ME, Maryland: MD, Massachusetts: MA, Michigan: MI, Minnesota: MN, Mississippi: MS, Missouri: MO, Montana: MT, Nebraska: NE, Nevada: NV, New Hampshire: NH, New Jersey: NJ, New Mexico: NM, New York: NY, North Carolina: NC, North Dakota: ND, Ohio: OH, Oklahoma: OK, Oregon: OR, Pennsylvania: PA, Rhode Island: RI, South Carolina: SC, South Dakota: SD, Tennessee: TN, Texas: TX, Utah: UT, Vermont: VT, Virginia: VA, Washington: WA, West Virginia: WV, Wisconsin: WI, Wyoming: WY