Piper vom Zauberberg -the future of Zauberberg breeding Females

Piper vom Zauberberg
The future of the Zauberberg Breeding Program is here!
Breeding females should be worked to test their temperament and workability!

We are proud of having produced the ultimate in appearance and temperament.
What are bloodlines
That means that all ancestors of Zauberberg Puppies have been tested for health and temperament for decades.
There are certain guidelines we follow in order to be predictable and uniformed in the outcome of our matings. Zauberberg has raised puppies for more than 30 years and carefully selects matings: We know our bloodlines in phenotype (what you see, versus pedigree) over all these years, and very rarely went to an outside stud dog. The best outcome always happens when you know the stud dog personally, versus going to a stud dog outside of your breeding stock that you don’t know as well as your own.

Genetics and imprint
Genetics between two parents are biologically 50/50, the great mothers come more into play than the father as they raise the puppies!
Most puppies never see their father!
Once their eyes and ears open in small increments, they only see their mother.
Imagine that a mother is not of stable temperament. A stranger comes to see the litter, and she hides behind the dog house.
What are the puppies going to do?
They will do what they see-not what they are told 🙂Just like little kids!