Pagan vom Taylorhof working line German Shepherd Female for sale

young German Shepherd female from top breeder for sale

Pagan is a trained German Shepherd female for sale.
She is an above medium -to large size female with mostly black color, distinct brown markings and very good bone strengths and substance. Her pedigree is loaded with top of the line working bloodlines. She loves to work for toy and food reward and is very easy to handle. She has been family raised, very social temperament. She loves people, especially kids. Swimming in the pool is one of her favorite things to do, particularly when the ball is involved.
Her training has been based on principals of the Sport of Schutzhund / IPO. It was then extended to being a service dog! Yes, she can do it all!

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German Shepherd Female trained for protectionName: Pagan vom Taylorhof
Breed: German Shepherd
Gender: Female intact
Date of Birth: 05-19-2015
Sire: Quardes Von Der Staatsmacht – IPO 3  FH2, BSP High protection, kkl 1
Dam: Encore of Codak von Taylorhof  IPO2 kkl
Microchip: Yes
AKC Registration: Yes
Training: German Commands
Shots: current
Availability: Immediately

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