Kuno trained young German Shepherd Male for sale

Kuno trained young German Shepherd Male for sale is a super combination of two totally unrelated bloodlines. No line breeding in this pedigree!
He has a very friendly disposition and is a large German Shepherd male with strong bone and head. Kuno is very open and social with everybody he meets. He has great desire to interact and learn, which makes training very easy. He is build exactly how a German Shepherd should be structured. Coming from a an all West German bloodline of the Sire: Sven vom Zauberberg and Dam: Angel von der Quadriga, he is very well build and easily trained.

If you are interested in making this great German Shepherd male from top German Blood Lines your future family companion and protector,  contact us now:

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Please note that we do ship our Working Line and Show Line German Shepherds safely via Petsafe Desk at United Airlines to virtually anywhere in the country  including: Alabama: AL Alaska: AK, Arizona: AZ, Arkansas: AR, California: CA, Colorado: CO, Connecticut: CT, Delaware: DE, Florida: FL, Georgia: GA, Hawaii: HI, Idaho: ID, Illinois: IL, Indiana: IN, Iowa: IA, Kansas: KS, Kentucky: KY, Louisiana: LA, Maine: ME, Maryland: MD, Massachusetts: MA, Michigan: MI, Minnesota: MN, Mississippi: MS, Missouri: MO, Montana: MT, Nebraska: NE, Nevada: NV, New Hampshire: NH, New Jersey: NJ, New Mexico: NM, New York: NY, North Carolina: NC, North Dakota: ND, Ohio: OH, Oklahoma: OK, Oregon: OR, Pennsylvania: PA, Rhode Island: RI, South Carolina: SC, South Dakota: SD, Tennessee: TN, Texas: TX, Utah: UT, Vermont: VT, Virginia: VA, Washington: WA, West Virginia: WV, Wisconsin: WI, Wyoming: WY