Happy Review for Zauberberg Kennels

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My husbands name is Johnny and my name is Angel. We are team commercial truck drivers. We are always on the road together, and with us is our white German Shepherd named Coda. We had him since he was a puppy and love him with all our hearts. We definitely felt that Coda was in desperate need of some training. We take him everywhere in the United States. So it is important for him to listen and behave.
So far he had a mind of his own…

Johnny and I were looking around on the Internet to find a trainer that we can trust to leave our beloved baby with, and would do the off leash training that Coda needed.

I have to admit that it was very hard for us to be without him, but during the training and stay with Andreas, he never failed to talk to us on the phone or email, putting our mind at ease while on the road for weeks at a time. He always sent us pictures and videos of Coda through Youtube, so we could be part of the process.

Now that the training is completed, we are sooo happy with the results. Training Coda has not just helped us, but we also notice a tremendous change in his confidence in all different environments. Before training, he wasn’t all that sure about certain situations. Now he even was very comfortable¬† at home during the 4th of July fireworks!

We were so impressed not just with the huge change in Coda but very impressed with Sven who is one of the ZBB K9’s. We decided to purchase a German Shepherd puppy from Andreas. The videos that have been put up on YouTube showed us that our decision to have Coda trained by the ZBB K9 team and purchasing a puppy from them is the best investment we have made since we baught our home. Our family has gotten bigger and better

Thank you ZBB K9 Team for doing an outstanding job, not just in training, but also with your endless support during and after.

We love you guys!!

Johnny, Angel,
Coda, and Ellie