German Shepherd Puppies available for sale

German Shepherd Puppies available for sale

The B-litter vom Zauberberg has arrived! Three males and four females. The mother is “Friedar vom Cap Arkona”  and  the father is “Zabo von den Wannaer Hoehen“. Both parents are direct German Imports.
The health and temperament evaluations in these bloodlines go back for generations!

The colors of the puppies
Females: 2 bicolored- and 2 sables
Males: 1 sable and 2 bicolored

The German Pedigree:



These puppies are Clicker conditioned meaning that they have already begun the training process. They eat out of the hand and understand that click means treat. They are Walked on a leash and have gotten familiar with wearing a collar. They are adapted to different locations such as in the house, out on the grass, gravel etc.. They were hand held and handled from birth. Shown different types of toys and engaged in play both alone and with the rest of the litter. Fed around interesting or different environments and items that may make weird noises or movements. Also clicked and fed in similar situations. This creates a better understanding for the puppies and shows them how to interact or react to different situations. Making them easier to work with in the future for any line of work or as a family companion.



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