D’Niese Mills

My husband Philip and I currently have 2 dogs from Andreas. Our puppy, Gianna is 6 months old and doing great. In the picture are Irrestabella Von Zauberberg “Bella” and Beeman’s Roscoe Von Zauberberg. Bella has since passed away, but she was the best agility Rottweiler in the state! She earned her BH at Zauberberg Academy and went on to earn over 25 agility titles in her 6 ½ year career.

Beeman’s will be 3 this May and is burning up the agility field as well. He has earned 7 titles so far and will be competing in several trails this spring with hopes of bringing home more blue ribbons and titles. He’s the best darn dog ever and loves to work and play. He has high hopes of becoming a daddy some day and showing his offspring how to run for the ribbons!

Andreas breeds the most wonderful Rotties we’ve had the pleasure of owning. Great drive, wonderful temperament, sound physique, and lovable personalities. Gianna is our 4th dog from Zauberberg and we hope to have many more. Please see the attached video of Beeman’s doing what he does best and loving every minute of it!