Cairn Terrier Male in Tucson AZ

Cairn Terrier Male in Tucson AZ


Cairn Terrier Male in Tucson AZ (3)Date of Birth: 7/8/15
Sire: Boomer of Scottsdale Cairn
Price: $800.00

This Cairn Terrier Male, in Tucson AZ, For Sale is energetic, playful, all shots, AKC registration pending, solid temperament, typical for Cairn Terrier.

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When we still lived in Germany, we owned a Cairn Terrier female named Kara. Needless to say, when we moved to the United States, she went with us!

This Cairn Terrier female was the greatest companion for our big dogs (Rottweilers as well as our German Shepherds), running and playing with them all the time. When the Cairn Terrier was running in the corn field with the big dogs, she always had to jump up to see above the weeds in order to make out everybody’s location. This Cairn Terrier had the strengths, courage and drive of a big dog and would make them respect her, as if she was as big as they were.

After she passed, we decided to try a Jack Russel Terrier. His name was Max. He grew up with my son. He got to be 10 years old when he passed. It was a great experience in the “small dog” department …but!!!! Right after that, I had to have another Cairn Terrier. Her name is Buttons vom Zauberberg.

When she turned two years old, we had her bred and she whelped puppies in August 2013.