German Shepherd new owner reviewed Zauberberg Kennels

Review Zauberberg K9

Review Zauberberg K9I first met Andreas when I purchased a 10-lesson series to teach me how to handle my two-year-old black German shepherd, Lucy. While I was on that journey (which Andreas would say is still not complete), my beloved Malinois died. It was suddenly very empty in the house and Lucy missed having a friend. I saw a picture of little puppy Max (Apsel von Zauberberg) on the web site and bought him almost immediately. That was in May. He stayed with Andreas until October to be trained, in Italian no less, so I could keep commands for both of them separate. I can’t say enough about how knowledgeable Andreas is about dogs in general and their training. His methods are firm but kind, and all the dogs love him. My Lucy is still excited to see him every time we go over there. Max is a wonderful puppy. I didn’t think I would find another dog as sweet and affectionate as my Malinois. But Max is all that and more. He is calm, curious, playful, everything you want a dog to be. He got into the routine of his new house within two days, and he and Lucy are inseparable. They play together, sleep together, eat together. She is a very happy little dog, and so is Max. Max is obedient and trustworthy off leash. I couldn’t have done that training myself. (I know because of my experience with Lucy.)

Anyone who has a dog that needs a little training could do no better than Andreas. I have learned so much in the few months I have known him. I have a weakness for German shepherds, and I will never go anywhere else for a dog. And if any other dog enters my life that needs training, he or she will be shipped off to Andreas immediately.