Zauberberg Review Client since 2004

I really appreciate you taking the time sending your Zauberberg Story with those pictures!
You are amazing, three Zauberberg dogs!  Thank so much


Hi Andreas,
Most of the dogs I have provided free room and board for over the last fifty years have been German Shepherds.

Since 2004, my last three are exclusively from Zauberberg Kennels. I had never seen German-bred sables before, having had all Black and Tans, so these pups were a little odd-looking; giant paws, bat ears and strange colors and markings.

Austin, 08-07-2004 (2 months old)

Two years later, this magnificent beast had emerged. Loyal, athletic, driven and fearless, a wonderful companion.

Austin, 07-31-2006 (two years old)

Conal was brought home in 2011, another beauty with a Frisbee fixation and paws the size of a skillet. Over forty Chuckit Frisbees gave up their lives during his lifetime.

Conal 04-03-2011 (3 months)

Conal 06-24 2013 (Two years old)

And now this wild child, Danny, one of two bi-colors in a litter of sables. Already a Frisbee hunter of note. Great drive, comfortable around people and other dogs, sort of willful at the moment. Danny looks like he will be a big boy, he’s growing fast. Man, those ears!

Danny 03-29-2020 (Two months old)

Danny 10-13 2020 (Eight months old)

Each has been loyal, athletic, driven and pretty easy on the eyes. Great dogs, each of them!