Update Zauberberg trained German Shepherds

Zauberberg Kennels buying a trained German Shepherd

Thank you so much for the update of your ZAUBERBERG German Shepherds Jan,

We always love you sending us a note from so far away!
Happy New Year….I went to the party down in McNeal to celebrate and had a blast. I will always remember OUR first contact at this location!
I really appreciated your kind personality from that time on, about ten years ago?

Dear Andreas,

Looking forward to 2021, and hope that things can return to whatever the new normal will be. I’ve attached  Ute and Osa’s age three photo (will be 3 on the 13th). We are having fun frolicking in the snow, which was late in coming this year. They are such good girls, and even better with age. Thanks again for all your work with them. Although there are days when I threaten to send them back to you for more training, but I know you would just tell me that I’m the one that needs to be trained. HaHa.
Stay well.
My best to you