Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale Ziska

This trained German Shepherd female puppy is almost solid black with very little tan marking on her feet and face. She will grow into a medium size German Shepherd according to the breed standard . She takes onto training very methodically. Therefore she is very easy to handle and to work with. Well socialized, very open with every person and new situation.

Name: Ziska vom Zauberberg
Date of Birth: 07-06-2015
Microchip: Yes
AKC unlimited Registration: Yes
Obedience Commands: German
Shots: Current
Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg
Dam: X-On vom Zauberberg
Training Status: Advanced obedience Training
Available:  Call 520-419-2199 to start arrangements
Price: SOLD!

Ziska is very close to finishing the program. It is always a huge step when the motivation from “all positive and operand” to “you have to” is taken. She mostly resists the tension on the retractable leash when placed stationary, but is very eager to be released. Very soon she will be realizing that she has to wait for the release cue in order to be allowed to leave the required position at the time. Even though the dog is mechanically induced, she has a happy attitude. Her tail is always wagging and her apprehension for reward is going strong.