Sigi Trained German Shepherd for sale

German Shepherd companion

Sigi Trained German Shepherd for sale

Trained German Shepherd Sigmund vom Zauberberg is a exceptionally black dark sable German Shepherd male, slightly above medium size. He is very dry and firm in substance, like a super athlete in top shape. Very confident active temperament. His natural protective instincts are unmatched. Within a few protection dog training sessions he is constantly improving in intensity of his behavior of answering a threat. Highly attentive- not missing anything going on in his surroundings. He is stunning in super dark sable pigmented color and has a dark face mask. Very active, pursuing his favorite reward – toy – during training. Quick responses to obedience commands. Intimidating looks and expression for total deterrence.

Name: Sigmund vom ZauberbergGerman Shepherd companion
Date of Birth: 08-16-2014
Microchip: Yes
AKC unlimited Registration: Yes
Obedience Commands: German
Shots: Current
Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg
Dam: Myra vom Zauberberg
Training Status: Advanced Obedience Training / Protection Dog Training
Price: Please call 520-419-0189
Available:  Place Deposit now!

Call 520-419-2199 and start the process of being the proud owner of this magnificent German Shepherd male that provides great companionship and serious Protection

Latest Video of Sigmund’s protection training in progress

At this stage of training, Sigi has not realized completely that the situation should be defended immediately. He will learn that the appearance of the suspect is always followed by a physical threat. Therefore the appearance of the suspect will now be immediately be followed by the dog being challenged to make a good connection in his mind.

This is the second session of – Giving the cue- mechanically inducing with leash pressure- help direction with the toy- and giving the release command for the right behavior! Making sure that mechanical inducement never depresses the desire for the reward.



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