Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale Introducing Raudi Vom Zauberberg, is a trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale. In this short dog training video, Raudi is trained to understand that not jumping and will be rewarded. This is a  very simple way of communicating to the puppy, utilizing a clicker as a marker, what behavior is worth while doing- and which one is not! You see this puppy and his readiness and… continue reading

Rudi vom Zauberberg, German Shepherd Male Puppy For Sale

AKC registered german shepherd puppy for sale out of:

– Sire: Jago vom Zauberberg
– Dame: Exon vom Zauberberg
– Born: June 2014

At Zauberberg Kennels we only breed the best German blood lines of German Shepherd Dogs. To see all information about this puppy click on the image or call: 1-520-419-2199