How long training my dog

Petra J. from Dallas asked:
How long does it take to train my dog?

Zaubererg Team answered:
It is a very common question, especially if you pay hard earned money for a trainer to do it for you!
There is no doubt that there are different levels of training one wants to accomplish.
Numerous of wise repetitions have to be executed in order to train a dog very well. Multiplied be behaviors that are to be trained.
If we estimate 500 repetitions in order to put a behavior on a signal ( we dislike the term “command”)- that multiplied by number of behaviors you want to train.
That sounds very time consuming ….
Yet, if you count how many repetitions you conduct in one session (20) multiplied by three to four sessions per day, gets you up to a high number of repetition in a reasonable amount of time.
Just think about how many reps you had to put in just to learn to write the letter A? – and after all that, you had to learn how to write it in lower case!
How long does it take to teach a toddler the name of an object?

Same with training your dog!
Needles to mention that you do have to do the training correctly.
A high number of WRONG repetitions is not going to be successful, ever!
To spend acceptable amount of time and spend it wisely, you should either study the laws of learning and apply those to dog training, or consult with a trainer that can prove to you that he has trained a number of dogs of different breeds.
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