Heidi vom Schmetterholz

German Shepherd breeder in Tucson

Heidi vom Schmetterholz

Heidi vom Schmetterholz German shepherd breeding female

Date of Birth: 08-31-2009
Sire: Erik vom Elzmuendungsraum
Dam: Wes
pe vom Schmetterholz

Heidi vom Schmetterholz is a German Shepherd female that was imported by Zauberberg Kennels about three years ago. She had been mated in Germany to Sirio vom Rauhtal, a very succesful top competitor. This breeding produced the G- Litter vom Zauberberg.
She is very outgoing with social temperament and medium drive for toy and food reward when training. Her coloration is very hard to find truly black and red. Her looks are very traditional . Heidi is a very substantial female in regards to size, bone strengths and structure. Her head size is very impressive. She loves people and especially kids.

Heidi has produced another top of the line litter- the “Y-Litter vom Zauberberg”
3 Male and 3 Female Puppies were born 06-04-2015
Heidi vom Schmetterholz headshot