Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Best Reviews Zauberberg K9

Happy Cairn Terrier Puppy Review Zauberberg reached us shortly after Marsha came to pick up the Cairn Terrier Female from our J-Litter. Looking through email conversations, Marsha had been waiting for almost two years to finally get a super brindle Female Cairn!
Thank you Marsha for taking the time to send the pictures.

Hello , Andreas!
I just wanted to send you a note and special Thank you! This little Cairn Terrier puppy is a real sweetheart!  She had no problems adapting to her crate, never cries at night and is a bundle of pure energy!  She loves to play ball and is getting quite good at retrieving and bringing it back to me!
It was definitely worth waiting for you to have a female available. I will send you a video when she “Masters” the ball.  It is very evident that your puppies are the very best! Daisee Mae (what we call her) sends you lots of puppy kisses!

Marsha D.