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New Puppy Checklist – Zauberberg

puppyHave a new puppy on the way? Wondering what you will need before you get your puppy? Here is a New Puppy Checklist on some of the necessities you will need, or want to consider getting to make your experience as pleasant as possible!

Dog Food and Dishes
A German Shepherd Puppy”s  nutrition is very different compared to an adult German Shepherd. The Puppy is growing and therefore needs a higher level of protein, fat and other nutrients. Today, we  really do not have to worry about  the complete Nutrition catering  to our puppies. The dog food companies have developed certain kinds of food for certain stages of development / growth. The higher end dog food companies have even developed individualized formulas for the nutrition of different breeds. Don’t forget to grab a couple of dishes or bowls for your puppy to eat and drink out of. Its best to have two, one for food and one for water, and to keep the bowls as cleanly as possible.

Medical Care

Be sure to know a local vet or facility that can properly care for your puppy and continue to administer vaccinations. Our Puppies are thoroughly vaccinated following the recommendation of Revival Animal Health. When you bring your puppy home a schedule of vaccinations that need to be continued will be provided for you.  The 5/1 vaccination against Parvo, Hepetitus, Leptospirousos, Distemper, Bordatella, should be given in a three week rhythm until three months of age.  After this cycle is finished, the vaccination should be given every twelve months from the last one given in the original cycle.

new puppy checklist brushA proper collar and leash that affords easy handling and effectiveness is important!
We recommend from the start to use a FurSaver Collar, of  proper size, and a Flexi retractable leash (size#3).
A rake brush should be used daily in order to keep shedding to a minimum. By grooming your puppy every day, you will notice any changes of the skin or sensitivity of  the joints when being touched.


Housing/Dog Crate
new puppy checklist crateThe housing for your puppy should definitely be a crate that fits his body size. He should be  to able to sit up, turn around and stand comfortably without touching the top. A wire crate is highly recommended as it allows for excellent airflow. In addition a wire crate allows you to attach a wire bottom with a tray under it. This assures that accidents that may occur are easy to handle. Imagine a crate being placed on a carpet floor. The puppy has an accident and has the feces all over him- and now you want to take him out!
Be advised that puppies / dogs being housed in a wire crate should NEVER wear a collar of any kind while in the crate.  The collar can get tangled in the crate and the dog could strangle. Remember to always remove the collar prior to closing the crate.

Ball On A String Dog Toy (1)Toys are a great way to keep your puppy busy, and distract him from objects that he should NOT chew. It is recommend to perhaps take him to a pet store and attract him with a few different kinds of toys. Observe which ones he likes best.
Be sure that  the toys are of a none-chewable consistency. Just like a little kid, the puppy should not be able to chew pieces off and swallow them. Unfortunately there are toys on the market that are too soft. If you do use soft toys be sure to supervise so that the puppy doesn’t eat the toy, or rip it to pieces. There are also some toys that you can stuff food in, which is a nice way to attracted the puppy to interact with the toy.  Kong Brand toys are good as they are sturdy.

So there you go! A short “New Puppy Checklist” We hope this helped! if you had anything you think we should add to this list or any questions feel free to contact us!


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