Divya Joshi

Nadja vom Zauberberg
Nadja vom Zauberberg

Dear Andreas!
This is Nadja vom Zauberberg’s third week with me in Southern California. She is getting used to her new home and new lifestyle. She gives me so much joy every day!

I get compliments about her handsome looks and about how well trained she is from complete strangers. It is obvious that she has a solid foundation in obedience. The new owner can now build on that foundation. There are no bad habits, but plenty of evidence that she was kindly and consistently handled.

Andreas, we have now known each other for 14 years… You trained my Dante to Schutzhund 1… It is great to see how Zauberberg Canine Academy has developed and how you continue to breed the best German bloodlines. But in addition to the high quality of your German Shepherds, what I appreciate the most is your knowledge and willingness to so freely share it with me.

Your knowledge goes beyond “just dog training” to include canine health matters and animal behavior. I didn’t know you had college education in that! You train your dogs based on scientific facts.

When I came to your facility to select my new canine partner, you welcomed me and were extraordinarily patient. You supported but never influenced my decision. You trained Nadja so well! You are always available for advice and take so much time to “train” me over the phone. I really appreciate that.

The entire process of selecting a dog, watching her being trained, picking her up from the airport and transitioning her to my home with your long distance support has felt like dealing with a friend and not a business transaction.

Your actions and your dogs have always been impeccable and I completely trust you. I trust that you breed healthy and intelligent dogs, that your training is consistent and kind with outstanding outcomes, and that you want what is best for the person and the dog – for them both to be happy.
Thank you for introducing me to Nadja!

I can honestly say that I would never consider getting a German Shepherd dog from anybody else.

Divya Joshi MD