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Diana Winkler

Hi Andreas,

I found your website online and it was good looking at all the wonderful dogs again. I saw the testimonial page, and thought I would send you a followup, long overdue, for Undra. we got her from you almost 11 years ago. She is an awesome dog. So very smart. We trained her in bite work and protection with Wayne Frierson. We never did compete, but she is a great protector of the home. Very friendly and social, unlike my other shepherd was. She hates cats haha. At the dog park, she hogs her toys and won’t share with the strange dogs, but oh well. Ball obsessed. Very vocal. We never had any health problems with her except she developed an allergy to something in the yard. So she was on allergy shots for a while. She is 12 now and going strong still, no hip problems at all, although she is losing her hearing. She is an awesome protector. Once the landscapers came into the backyard without permission, and she had some poor guy in a corner with her bark and hold until I got there. Also, my husband was walking her around the block as usual, and they were jumped by two young men trying to rob my husband. The thugs started punching them both, but Undra was given the command to attack, and she bit one of them really good. The thugs took off running down the street, and she chased them until she was called to return. I was very proud of her when I heard what she did. She is my little girl! Always sleep well at night with her and my other shepherd next to the bed. I thought you’d like some pictures for the testimonial page. I would certainly recommend your dogs to anyone.

Diana Winkler
Mesa, AZ

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