Update Abby vom Zauberberg review

Thank you so much for the update on Abby!

Tom W. wrote:

Hi Andreas,

Haven’t seen you on FB lately so thought I’d check to see how you are doing.

Abby is the best pet we’ve ever had. Not only is she brilliant but beautiful. She loves people and is gentle with little ones. I’ve never had a GSD that was this friendly with and loves everyone. Usually they are watching to make sure the guest doesn’t steal something!

Abby finally kicked the pneumonia after about a year and is now 86 pounds. The K9 cardiologist we took her to stated that she has an aortic stenosis but it’s under control. Last vet visit it was unnoticeable.

We also had her see a K9 orthopedic dr. Her hips are normal!

Anyway, to make a long story longer, we love Abby and basically our lives revolve around her! She’s a sweetheart!

Merry Christmas Andreas!

Tom W. Esq
Scottsdale AZ