Group Dog Training Classes

Here are the reasons why we do NOT offer Group Dog Training Classes


Twenty people with dogs moving around the trainer at the very same time, just being told what to do all at once! Every dog has different challenges. There is no way anybody could get effective instructions at the same time in pertinence to his dog’s behavior.
All your dog wants to do is go see the other dog. He can’t learn. Everyone is busy trying to get his own dog’s attention. And once they do, the training scenario has gained a negative image to your dog. Since he didn’t choose your treat over the desire to be with the guy next to him, some negatives had been applied. Thus the emotions connected with training and this very place- the whole picture the dog sees, is undesirable to be in. Saying NO instead of YES will have two opposite effects on the attitude. If school is conditioned to be a bad place to begin with, the readiness to learn anything is down. Training (or learning) is best when attitude is positive. If a dog is stressed (just as in humans) learning possibilities are down to zero.
Private dog training classes are structured to have the opportunity to make owners into trainers. Exact instruction and explanations about the what- when-why do enable an owner to go home and train on his dog.
Compare public schooling to home schooling!

One teacher can NOT give individual attention to the kids in a class of average 20 students. In addition, classmates possibly create bad behaviors in your dog.
Logically, In home schooling (private dog training lessons), attention is undivided and much more effective for learning than public schooling (Group Dog Training Classes).