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The dog has been introduced to the use of a “training stick” as this tool allows to induce behaviors, especially correct position, without the trainer having to change his body posture. The stick makes an extended hand. The use of the training stick definitely needs to be prepared wisely before usage. The dog has been accustomed to even be petted with it. The dog is under excellent control between staying in behavior and being released. His responses are very willingly and enthusiastic showing balance between the effects of using the electric collar and the positive reinforcement with the ball.


Feeding time, when the dog is in high drive to eat, is excellent to train the release command. The dog has to sit, look at the trainer until he is released with the word we want him to understand as “you can engage in the reward now”. In this video the dog is trying to lay down as the trainer moves downwards to place the dish. The process stops. As soon as the dog does the right behavior (sitting) the process of placing the dish continues. The dog has to look at the trainer in order to make him give the release command before he engages in the reward. Thus the dog feels like he is pushing the release button by concentrating on the trainer instead of the target.

Beagle house hold obedience training at Zauberberg K9!
Beagles are bred to hunt, therefore it is slightly more challenging to train them to function in “normal” life. This Beagle shows willingness to work. After being intensely prepared with positive reinforcement, it was time now to put a little more “you must” into the process. The strongest motivation for any dog to perform behaviors, is the combination of positives and negatives. Of course the negatives are added AFTER the dog definitely understood which behaviors are worth while doing- by being rewarded for them. This beagle has both motivations combined in a perfect balance.
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Police canine performing obedience by certification requirements. Police K9 was trained by Zauberberg K9 Academy

The Teaching phase in which this dog has been shown different gymnastic skills has been completed and the training phase began. Now all known cues are unconditionally followed by electrical stimulation. This will secure the behaviors against distractions (overwriting signals) As soon as the dog starts the correct response to the cue, the remote collar is turned off. Note that playing is under total signal control. The game stops on “aus” and it starts on “frei”. If the dog anticipates the release cue and releases on its own, the game does NOT stop. The release cue is only given if the dog is solely in drive for the game.The play cue is given at different parts of this session. 1) immediately after a behavior is performed initially 2) after a behavior has been performed over various duration 3) even after the behavior of releasing the ball in order to reinforce the release itself