Zauberberg Kennels Impressions

This email just reached us after a visit with Laura and Mattias yesterday- Your kind words are very much appreciated. Thank you for the permission to post :


Thank you so very much for meeting us at your home to discuss your fabulous German Shepherd dogs! Wow they are wonderful!!! Your passion for dogs, their wellbeing and safety is truly energizing.

Your dogs are beautiful and obviously well socialized and trained. We both feel so thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet you and hear first-hand what goes into ensuring the high standards at your Zauberberg kennels.

I tried to post this to Facebook. I went to your website but instead of being able to just post my comments I had to log in….. and I really don’t want to be on Facebook. I use LinkedIn all the time and that is enough. ( Too many strange ducks in the world…) I have posted comments with other companies in my life but via their website.

Feel free to cut and paste my comments.

Mattias and I really appreciated the time you gave to us and explaining how the stages work with the puppies, training and young adult pups.

We now have some hard thinking about what we want and timing.

Many thanks.

Laura Stolpe