Trained German Shepherds for sale

Trained German Shepherds for Sale

trained Germna Shepherd for sale from Breeder in Arizona

Are you not in a position to raise a German Shepherd puppy and train it?
Then this offer is for you!

Zauberberg Kennels offers highest level obedience trained German Shepherds for sale.
Those dogs are trained to perform in real life scenarios for household and social life.
Zauberberg dogs are provided with lifetime support for training- and maintenance guidance.

Over decades we have provided trained dogs that want to interact with- and please you. Owning a well trained German Shepherd working dog, means owning a great family companion giving you peace of mind that your family is protected just by the mare presence of a German Shepherd !
Trained dogs available are of the age between eight months to four years of age.
A proper transition period is provided under full guidance of a trainer.
Most behavior are trained off leash.
Sit, down, come when called, go to a designated place and stay, stay by the door until released, stay by the car until told to get in, stay in the car until released to come out, heel (on leash). House manners are also trained.
Buying a trained dog that you have no history with, requires to spend some time to form a relationship.

In addition, Protection Training is available on your request, after you have committed to a particular Dog. None of our trained German Shepherds for sale on, have been exposed to formal Protection Training prior. We experienced that trained protection dogs can miss perceive a situation in a brand new home when the new owner is still a stranger to the dog. If you are planning on having the dog of your choice enrolled in protection training, it is required that you come to our facility in person and spend time with your dog prior to taking him home.
Zauberberg’s trained protection dogs are NOT equipment oriented.

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