Trained German Shepherd puppies for sale

How to train your German Shepherd PuppyIf you would like to take a trained German Shepherd puppy into your home, avoiding the puppy stage. But you do want a dog to join your family as young as possible…..this is your best option.
Puppy training should start as early as possible to avoid creating unwanted behaviors transforming into bad habits.
The common process is that our clients choose a puppy at eight weeks of age and leave it with us to be trained. The training is geared to create behaviors that you specially desire. Thus, the training plan is customized to time frame of training and cost. During the training of your puppy, you will be taught through lessons how to communicate with your puppy and be on the right path of training in the future.

On rare occasions, a puppy that has not been placed remains with us. This puppy then will be trained and later available for sale as a trained puppy.
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