Apsel Vom Zauberberg

SOLD! Apsel is a super drive sable German Shepherd puppy male for sale. He can be super active- and can be relaxed as well. He is a medium of size, very well put together. Would have the talent for a career as working dog in Search and Rescue, Schutzhund or any other performance sport. Which doesn’t exclude him from being an excellent companion and protection dog.   Name: Apsel Vom Zauberberg… continue reading

German Shepherd Puppies For sale

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd Puppies For sale Introducing new German Shepherd Puppies For Sale A Litter Vom Zauberberg! Aldo Vom Zauberberg Amory Vom Zauberberg Apsel Vom Zauberberg Ada Vom Zauberberg Arya Vom Zauberberg Adele Vom Zauberberg Amara Vom Zauberberg Annora Vom Zauberberg German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Welcome to German Shepherd Puppies “vom Zauberberg”. A World Class German Shepherd Breeder in Tucson Arizona. Breeding German Shepherds the German way. Utilizing only the very… continue reading