German Shepherd Breeder System

Michelle S. asked:

What does H’Litter mean?

Zauberberg Team answers:

If you have ever bought a German Shepherd puppy from a German breeder, you might have wondered how they name their puppies.
The German registration system with the German Shepherd breed club in Germany (Verein fuer Deutche Schaeferhunde, SV) requires breeders to operate by the following rule for their breeding kennel:
After a German breeder has applied and was granted a name for his kennel, any puppy bred by him, will have the same “last name”. The name is protected by the organization so no one else can use it. Some breeders choose a name that might identify them personally, for example their own last name. Others choose a geographic location as their kennel name. Either way, the name will identify the person or location as their own brand, therefore the dogs from their kennel are easily identified by others.
Secondarily the breeder is obligated to give each puppy within the same litter a “first name” following the alphabet as he contentious to breed.
That means that all puppies from his very first litter have names starting with the letter A
His second litter will have all names starting with the letter B…and so on
No two puppiesĀ  of a breeder’s breeding history is allowed to have the same name that was already given before.