Latest German Shepherd Breedings

German German Shepherd breeder TucsonZauberberg Kennels proudly announcing the latest breedings.
Click here if you consider placing a deposit 
After your agreement has been received, we will call and take your deposit via CC over the phone via secure Chase Bank App.
You will then be placed on the list for upcoming litters.
Once the litter is born that your deposit falls onto, a “litter page”(here a sample of a past litter) will be created which YOU will have the link to.
Pictures of your litter will be posted from 2 weeks of age. Pictures will be updated every 2 weeks.

Puppies are born approximately 8 weeks after a mating happened.
Our puppies are released to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.
This is where our puppies are born and raised

Currently available to place a deposit on:
Y-Litter vom Zauberberg
Companioship Version_not for breeding