First Zauberberg Meeting First Impression

This email reached us from a future client after our first meeting in person here at Zauberberg Kennels!

Thank you so much Tyler for taking the time to write this!


When it comes to making big decisions, I am an extremely meticulous person . And finding the right companion who will be a part of yours and your families live’s for the next decade is absolutely one of these decisions. I looked at every possibility and option and something kept bringing me back to one of the first breeders I looked into and that was Andreas at Zauberberg.  Andreas clearly understands the importance of making sure the customer feels safe, completely informed, and satisfied before making a decision. After various email exchanges and phone calls, we set on a time for me to come to his home to check out some of the parents of potential litters I was interested in looking at. Thinking this would be a quick 30 minute exchange, we ended up talking and interacting with the dogs for well over 2 hours. Over the course of these two hours he answered every question I had, and left me with no reason to question his plethora of knowledge he has acquired over his extensive career in breeding and training. Even in the short time that I spent with a few of the dogs,I was impressed me with their beauty, temperament, and drive. Whether Zauberberg is the first or the last breeder you look at; I highly recommend speaking with Andreas before making a decision.  

-Tyler D. Tucson Arizona