Dogs Learn Picture Context

Dogs learn pictures context

A dog learns easiest by circumstances and by sequence of events. Consequences to a behavior will determine if a behavior is repeated – or not.
In addition a context that behaviors have been trained in, will determine a probability of a trained behavior happening just as much!
Everybody has experienced that a dog that has been trained to sit in the owners’ kitchen very reliable.
The picture (context) might be:
It is a certain time of the day, the kitchen is always the same, the treats are on the counter, the person is always the same, the signal is always given in fairly consistent volume and tone of voice….and so on!
Let’s look at a photograph (picture) . Whatever you see in a picture is information. But for now, the information is very limited to this particular picture. The more you look at this particular one, the more you gather the particular information this picture provides. As simple as changing the people in a ph
Now you take your dog to Petsmart.
Everything has changed!
No treats on the counter, other dogs present, tons of people around, the owner gives the signal to sit in a different volume and tone of voice (because he is afraid that others will look at him as he gives the signal to see if it functions), Thousands of toys, birds, reptiles, cats ……by now you see where this is going!
Your sit does not work, because the context has drastically changed.
The effect is carrying very far. A dog that competes in obedience trials might have only been trained for high performance on a green field at the park. You will experience that this dog might not perform a sit in the home kitchen.