Zauberberg Kennels Google Review

Thank you so much Dirk for spending the time and posting a Review on Google about your experience with Zauberberg Kennels! “Andreas is Great breeder with strong German line work dogs. He has always been very responsive and I was impressed that the puppy’s all had their first 2 Parvovirus shots prior to letting them be picked up. He even told us to bring our puppy back to get her… continue reading

Zauberberg Review on Google

Hi Fernando, Your review on Google 12-10-2020 is very much appreciated. Thank you so much! “Andreas Mueller and staff of Zauberberg Kennels are the best !!! They really care about their dogs and reciprocate the same energy towards their valued customers with quality training and service ! Great great great breeds coming from here ! Whether your looking for a great companion or working with the one you already have… continue reading

Dog is listening better to one person versus another

Here is why a dog is listening better to one person versus another! Don’t we all experience that the dog responds to different people differently? Of course! “Listening” or lets call it “responding” to a signal is based a history of reinforcement and therefore the relationship between individuals. Humans are no different than dogs. History of reinforcement simply means: What has happened in the past between an individual and his… continue reading

Update Abby vom Zauberberg review

Thank you so much for the update on Abby! Tom W. wrote: Hi Andreas, Haven’t seen you on FB lately so thought I’d check to see how you are doing. Abby is the best pet we’ve ever had. Not only is she brilliant but beautiful. She loves people and is gentle with little ones. I’ve never had a GSD that was this friendly with and loves everyone. Usually they are… continue reading

Zauberberg Review Client since 2004

Larry, I really appreciate you taking the time sending your Zauberberg Story with those pictures! You are amazing, three Zauberberg dogs!  Thank so much   Hi Andreas, Most of the dogs I have provided free room and board for over the last fifty years have been German Shepherds. Since 2004, my last three are exclusively from Zauberberg Kennels. I had never seen German-bred sables before, having had all Black and… continue reading

Best Training Treats for my Dog

Jennifer B. from Tucson asked: What are the best treats to use in my training? Zauberberg Team answered: You are on the right track to think about what the best treats might be, as you probably know that best rewards make best learning happening! When choosing a treat to be most effective during training, it is important to think without limitation. Just as people being crazy about potato salad- others… continue reading