Training Ryker Vom Zauberberg

Training Ryker Vom Zauberberg In this video I am Training Ryker Vom Zauberberg! Putting a cue to the behavior shortly before- or while it is happening, will establish a meaning to the word SITZ. During the process of reinforcing the behavior of sitting, we have to watch that he is NOT trying behaviors that are not desired while he is engaging in reward. Undesired behaviors are : moving his rear,… continue reading

Nessy vom Zauberberg

Nessy vom Zauberberg Nessy vom Zauberberg Breed: German Shepherd Registration: AKC Date of Birth: January 26, 2012 Sire: Odin vom Zauberberg Dam: Zilla vom Zauberberg Gender: Female Coat: Sable This is my german shepherd Nessy vom Zauberberg.  She has an outstanding working temperament and shows great ability in tracking, protection, and obedience training.  Nessy is very serious, confident, and aggressive during protection work while still having a sociable side off… continue reading

Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale Introducing Raudi Vom Zauberberg, is a trained German Shepherd Puppy for sale. In this short dog training video, Raudi is trained to understand that not jumping and will be rewarded. This is a  very simple way of communicating to the puppy, utilizing a clicker as a marker, what behavior is worth while doing- and which one is not! You see this puppy and his readiness and… continue reading

Jago German Shepherd Stud dog in Arizona

Jago German Shepherd Stud dog in Arizona Obedience at the park yesterday. Controlling my dog’s behaviors with my voice only, trying not to move my body to help him. Obedience commands are random in kind- not in a predictable sequence. The dog can not guess what is coming next. It is very clear to see that the word alone control his behavior in lengths and form, until he is released with… continue reading

Trained German Shepherd puppy for sale – Rudi Vom Zauberberg

Trained German Shepherd puppy for sale – Rudi Vom Zauberberg Clicker training with Rudi Vom Zauberberg, one of Zauberberg K9 Academies trained German Shepherd puppies for sale. In this short video you can see Rudi being rewarded for a calm behavior or even in some portions for sitting attentively. You can see that he is rewarded for being attentive and calm. please feel free to visit and subscribe to my youtube… continue reading

Trained German Shepherd Ryker For Sale

Trained German shepherd Ryker for sale Introducing  Ryker vom Zauberberg, one of our trained German Shepherd Puppies for sale. In this dog training video clip by Daniel Mueller, Ryker is being trained to keep his feet on the ground, instead of jumping up. By withholding the treat when the front feet are in the air- and “marking” with the clicker at the moment he is “down”, the trainer precisely communicates to the puppy… continue reading

German Shepherd Import For Sale

German Shepherd Import For Sale. The first thing you notice about this German Shepherd Import For Sale is that very strong head with the broad!  Most of the German Shepherds today are missing this very important feature. Alex vom Loholz. He is a perfect family companion and protection dog. Alex is one of the kind that is not born every day! Date of Birth: 4/03/12 Sire: Pato di Zenevredo Dam: Janda di… continue reading

Trained Sable German Shepherd Male Quant

Trained Sable German Shepherd Male Quant Trained sable German Shepherd Male Quant vom Zauberberg has an awesome expression on his face. His markings are so symmetric and harmoniously distributed all across his face mask and body. Very well built by German standards. Medium to large size. His head is substantial. Very well behaved and easy to handle. Friendly temperament. Extremely well socialized. Excellent with family and kids. Fully trained with German… continue reading