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Sitz Platz Fri Raudi Vom Zauberberg

Sitz Platz Fri Raudi Vom Zauberberg


Raudi Vom Zauberberg

Another short video Sitz Platz Fri Raudi Vom Zauberberg! Raudi being trained to sitz Platz fri and play! here you can see a training session with Raudi where he follows commands and plays a little afterwards! you can see Raudi’s Bio page by clicking here.

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Raudi vom Zauberberg
Raudi is a black German Shepherd Puppy with little tan markings on his legs and very little markings on his face mask. He is the only puppy in the litter that is NOT sable! His confidence is unbelievable! Every time he is taken to a new place, he acts like he has always been there. The same with meeting people- we have yet to see him being skeptical of a stranger he meets. Training Videos