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Quitt vom Zauberberg Sable German Shepherd Female

Sable German Shepherd Female 1 Year Old For Sale

Quitt vom Zauberberg

Name: Quitt vom Zauberberg
German Shepherd Female
Date of Birth :
Sire: Joker vom Zauberberg
Jacky vom Zauberberg
AKC Registration: Yes
Microchip: Yes
Availability: Not for sale

Sable German Shepherd Female, Quitt vom Zauberberg. She loves to play and loves to please. Very willing to work for her owner. High food reward drive as well as play drive. Pedigree consists of many top German dogs that display a sure and confident temperament, willingness to work and natural protective instincts. She is an excellent companion and family dog. Quitt has been utilized very successfully in our Breeding Program. See offspring:     A- Litter vom Zauberberg      J-Litter vom Zauberberg

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