Happy Review Zauberberg Training Client

Winnie, at twelve months of age, has successfully finished the in home dog training program at ZBB K9 Team.
She was picked up by her owner yesterday, and here is the happy review that reached us this morning!
A very special THANK YOU to Eliza for taking the time and giving us feedback!
It really is appreciated very much.

“I recently picked up our beautiful 1 year old Winnie from Andreas, after she spent over 2 months with him in his in home training program.  To be honest, the first month was very difficult for our family.  Our son, who is 8, had a very hard time leaving her and living without her, but we knew she needed training desperately.
That first month was also riddled with questions about whether or not we did the right thing, whether or not Andreas was the right person, and whether or not Winnie would learn anything.  We never owned a German Shepherd prior to this, and we really didn’t know what to expect.
Andreas continued to encourage us and tell us that she was doing fine, but doubts still lingered.  I often felt like I just wanted to go pick her up and say “forget it” because we missed her so much.  In addition to this, Winnie had a very slow start and had some habits that needed undoing.  We didn’t know if Winnie would start listening to Andreas; we thought he was so stern, and strict, and we worried we would have a scary dog in the end.
Andreas worked tirelessly to build our trust, and Winnie’s trust during that first month, and after 2 months she a completely new dog!! (But in an amazingly great way!). Andreas spent several session with me “training me” on how to continue the learning at home so that we could remain consistent with Winnie.  This was so important because we decided we wanted Winnie to learn commands in German. We felt this was the best way to use the one word commands that she needed, versus speaking in sentences to her and confusing her.  This was our way of holding ourselves accountable to maintaining her training at home with our small children.
If you are considering ZBB K9 team for training, don’t hesitate because sometimes even first impressions don’t tell you the entire truth.  Most of the time we are highly emotional about dropping off our precious dogs and we don’t have the right perspective…such was the case with us.
Andreas will deliver if you are patient and willing to see things through a very experienced trainers eyes.  He is direct, but loving, and will teach your dog all the things you want him/her to learn.
Here are a few pictures I took the last day when picking Winnie up.  They tell the entire story.  We were in Petsmart and Winnie was saying goodbye, and she stayed in position without a leash while I took the picture!  Thank you Andreas, for loving our Winnie.  I know she will miss you!”

Eliza B.