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The Zauberberg German Shepherd Breeding and Training Blog is intended to keep all interested German Shepherd enthusiasts informed about newest dog training techniques, available German Shepherd Dogs for sale and any related events at

This Blog keeps you informed about German Shepherd Breeding and Training

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The ongoing research and practical observation being applied by us, makes Zauberberg Kennels a unique source in all aspects of the German Shepherd from training and breeding to raising a German Shepherd Puppy successfully!
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German Shepherd Breeder from Germany

The story of a German Shepherd Breeder from Germany The story begins when I was 13 years old- Germany West Berlin. Up to this point I had never been allowed to have any pets! No hamster, rabbit, guinea pig or bird, as my parents never trusted me to take care of a pet. When was […]

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Carl Protection Dog Page updated

Carl vom Zauberberg protection dog training updated page! Protection dog training at Zauberberg Kennels. This 1.5 year old male at third session of reinforcing his aggression against a suspicious person being present during a walk. The decoy reacts and does not act, is important part of our protection dog training. Only after the aggression toward […]

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Isa trained young German Shepherd Female for sale

Isa trained young German Shepherd Female for sale. Absolutely stunning pigment, dark sable color. Her pedigree is a combination of the so called show lines from German (not to be mistaken with American show lines) and West German working bloodlines. We have practiced combining the two strains multiple times with great outcome. Isa  is currently […]

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Porsche vom Zauberberg Black and Red German Shepherd Female NOT for sale

Zauberberg Kennels is proud to announce that the outcome of the P-Litter vom Zauberberg has been so uniformed in structure, pigment and temperament that we decided to keep Porsche vom Zauberberg, one of the female puppies and raise her to be utilized in future breedings. This has been Yeti’s very first Litter after we purchased […]

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Opa Solid Black German Shepherd Puppy for sale

Proudly presenting to you Opa Solid Black trained German Shepherd for sale. He is a large solid black German Shepherd Male  available for sale. He is in training in pertainance to our in home advanced obedience training program. House training, and advanced off leash obedience. He has a very outgoing temperament and is ready to be […]

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Training a Puppy to come when called

Training a Puppy to come when called seems easy if we realize how associations in dog training really happen. Puppy training the recall. Making an association of calling the name and follow with the treat. Initially, the trainer makes sure the puppy will take the treat. If the puppy is NOT interested in the treat- […]

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Solving Puppy Biting Problem

I know there are a lot of Puppy owners out there that struggle with solving puppy biting problem! Unfortunately, they can’t solve it- because they have been given wrong advise. Most puppies have to bite on something. There  teeth might be about to change, or in general, they are just bored. Now it comes to […]

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Isaac Vom Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Male For Sale

Proudly presenting Isaac Vom Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Male For Sale Isaac has been SOLD please consider placing a deposit on our next upcoming litter of Cairn Terriers Text or call 520-419-2199 or email to start the process. Isaac is as cute as it gets. Typical strong ruff coat, the way a Cairn Terrier should be. […]

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Ignus Vom Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Puppy For Sale

SOLD!   Male Cairn Terrier puppy –Ignus Vom Zauberberg Cairn Terrier Puppy For Sale- is very social, loves to play and be on the move as typical Cairn Terrier puppies should do! Very distinct marking of blonde and gold. His temperament is perfect for a family with kids. The Cairn Terrie Puppies vom Zauberberg are […]

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Lothar Young Trained German Shepherd Male for sale

Zauberberg Kennels proudly presents: Lothar Young Trained German Shepherd Male for sale. Lothar vom Zauberberg is a stunning German Shepherd Male that has very pronounced pigmented color. He is strongly built and very well structured. His face and type is very pretty and harmonies. Lothar’s temperament is absolutely solid. He loves all people. He is an […]

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