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Trained German Shepherds for Sale

Highest level of training for house hold and social life- making a difference
Working Trained German Shepherds for Sale.

A “working dog” is a dog that wants to interact with- and please you. Owning a great working dog, means owning a great family companion!
Trained Protection Dogs for Sale.

A fine line to walk on. The difference between “great asset”- or “huge liability.”

Pricing for trained German Shepherd Dogs start at $5,500.00
Contact us and discuss what your needs really are in terms of Obedience – Protection trained German Shepherd Dogs 520-419-2199

Sigi Trained German Shepherd for sale

Sigi Trained German Shepherd for sale Trained German Shepherd Sigmund vom Zauberberg is a exceptionally black dark sable German Shepherd male, slightly above medium size. He is very dry and firm in substance, like a super athlete in top shape. Very confident active temperament. His natural protective instincts are unmatched. Within a few protection dog training sessions […]

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Ivy trained German Shepherd Female for sale

Ivy is a very well structured German Shepherd Female with excellent black and red color. Her substance and size is very much the top of the German standard. She is a very active dog that loves people. Her pedigree consists of exclusive top West German Bloodlines. Date of Birth: Nov 27-2012 Sire: Roy vom Ochsentor Dam: Leila […]

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Carl vom Zauberberg

Carl is an agile German Shepherd male, open minded sable German Shepherd from exclusive West German Bloodlines. Easy to handle. All he always wants is to be with people. His temperament is rock solid, like a working German Shepherd should be. His expression and appearance is liked by everybody that meets him. He is a […]

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